Last summer of 2018 Urban Decay sent me the Born to Run palette. I have played around with it several times and am finally ready to share my thoughts.  As an everyday palette this palette hits the mark but as a palette for more creative looks I think you can pass. I really like the… Continue reading BTR. UD


Liquid Set Lipsticks.

   It's taken me a while to write what I am about to write. I want to be honest with you about all products I receive and review. That being said it's hard to criticize this product since I love the brand that creates it.  Melt is amazing and incredibly innovative but I have issues… Continue reading Liquid Set Lipsticks.

Naked Cherry. UD

*PR SAMPLES (COMPLIMENTARY)   Certainly you've seen this palette everywhere. All over social media it's become a controversial subject. People were pretty disappointed when they saw the palette being mainly pink tones. Their point was " When you think of Cherries, what color comes to mind?" I have to admit red comes to mind but… Continue reading Naked Cherry. UD


Have you ever fallen  in love with a product that you can't find anymore because its been discontinued? I feel your pain and I just wanted to share what products I wish they would bring back that I am dying without. Full Throttle Eyeshadow Stick - NYX COSMETICS These were my jam. So if you… Continue reading Why?!

Time for a change.

I have been very moody lately and extremely uninspired, believe it or not but it has a lot to do with my hair. I have been growing it out for the past six months and haven't dyed my hair since. Having colorful hair makes me feel better about myself and gives me confidence. I miss… Continue reading Time for a change.

Urban Decay Lightbeam

I reached out to Urban Decay to play around with the Lightbeam palette. It's a palette I have seen little to no reviews on. So here we are. First Impressions. This palette is smaller than I imagined. If you got your hands on the KristenxLeanne Daydream palette its about that size minus the room for… Continue reading Urban Decay Lightbeam

Worth the hype?

I am sure you have seen these palettes everywhere on social media right? The coveted "Gemini" and "Twenty Seven" palettes in their limited edition glory.  If you got your hands on them consider yourself lucky because they are the envy of everyone right now. But are they worth the hype? *These palettes retail at $58.00… Continue reading Worth the hype?